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Schule: Twitter-Unterricht | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE

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Ein ganz neuer Artikel zum Thema Schule & Twitter-Unterricht

„Twittern im Unterricht? Klar, sagen einige Pädagogen und setzen das Internet gezielt ein, um Wissen zu vermitteln und Diskussionen anzustoßen.“

viaSchule: Twitter-Unterricht | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE.


Twitter for Teachers – Support Videos

Shannon Smith hat einen interessanten Artikel über Twitter geschrieben – genauer über Twitter für Lehrer, in Fortbildungen uä.

Twitter for Teachers – Support Videos | Shannon in Ottawa.


alles-zu-twitter auf

10-fragen-10-kurze-antworten-zu-twitter auf

twitter-im-unterricht-und-anderswo auf   

Scheppler: twitter-im-Unterricht!/deutschstunde , 140 Zeichen Deutschunterricht: Ein Twitterprojekt

Eine Twitterstunde der Fernuni Hagen:!/search?q=%23fu11

Fernstudium-Infos: D cooooool :

Top 100 Twitter-Tools

Ich habe auf Twitter auf den super interessanten Artikel „Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher“ von Donna Scott gestoßen. Sie hat eine ausgezeichnete Linkliste zusammengestellt – finde sie sehr nützlich!

Also sie erwähnt diese Tools:

„This can help twittering teachers make the most out of this helpful microblogging tool:

Managing Twitter

These tools will help make managing your Twitter account just a bit easier.

  1. TweetDeck: You can create Twitter groups on TweetDeck, so you can keep your school and personal contacts somewhat separate.
  2. twitTangle: twitTangle will allow you to rate and tag your friends, then filter your timeline based on those that are most important to you.
  3. TweetBackup: TweetBackup offers a great way to back up your tweets and friends.
  4. RSSFriends: RSSFriends will give you an RSS update of new followers and unfollowers.
  5. EmailTwitter You can post Twitter updates using email with this post.
  6. Tweetreplies: Use Tweetreplies to have your @replies sent directly to your email in real time.
  7. Splitweet: Get multi account management using Splitweet, so you can separate your educational and personal accounts.
  8. Followize: Use Followize for a fast and efficient way to read your tweets.
  9. Qwitter: Find out when students and other followers stop following you.
  10. Tweet Later: With Tweet Later, you’ll be able to schedule your tweets for specific times.
  11. HootSuite: You can manage multiple Twitter profiles and more using HootSuite.
  12. Twitblocker: Use Twitblocker to temporarily hide your friends that are updating a bit too often.
  13. twAitter: This Twitter web client will allow you to schedule, and create recurring Tweets.

Finding Friends

Connect with other teachers, people in your local community, and more by finding followers through these tools.

  1. Twits Like Me: Find other users in education through Twits Like Me.
  2. Nearby Tweets: You can find Twitter users near you using this tool.
  3. Twubble: Twubble will help you find people who have interests that are compatible with yours.
  4. WeFollow: WeFollow offers a user powered Twitter directory.
  5. GeoFollow: GeoFollow offers a location-based Twitter user directory.
  6. Twellow: This Twitter directory is sorted by application.
  7. Twitter Packs: Twitter Packs makes it easy for you to find new people based on interests.
  8. Follow Cost: Use this tool to determine how much effort it takes to follow a specific Twitterer.
  9. Atlas: Using Atlas, you can watch Tweets that are shown on a map.
  10. TwitterLocal: TwitterLocal will help you find Tweets from a specific location.


Make Twitter a sharing tool for photos, video, and more with these resources.

  1. Twitxr: You’ll be able to send photos from your mobile phone using this app, great for teachers and students alike.
  2. Annotated Links: You can put a bunch of links and a note into one URL to share on Twitter with Annotated Links.
  3. LiveTwitting: During lectures, events, and more, you can use LiveTwitting instead of liveblogging.
  4. SnapTweet: Use SnapTweet to post your latest Flickr photos to Twitter.
  5. TweeTube: Share videos on Twitter using TweeTube.
  6. DreamTweet: Post your dreams and nightmares to share with the world using DreamTweet.
  7. Private notes: Send password protected private notes using Twitter with this tool.
  8. TweetCube: You can share files via Twitter using TweetCube.
  9. Twitter Weather: Share daily weather updates with your class by using Twitter Weather.
  10. TwitPic: You can share photos on Twitter, or find photos from all around the world using this service.
  11. PhotoTwitter: Use PhotoTwitter to take snapshots with your iSight and post to Twitter.


These tools offer a way for you and your students to learn through Twitter gaming.

  1. Outwit Me: On this site, you’ll find intelligent Twitter games.
  2. Plinky: With Plinky, you’ll get a daily prompt question or challenge to answer.
  3. TweetTest: TweetTest offers a collection of mini games that use data from your tweets.
  4. Tweet Words: Get clues and guess the answer from this Twitter game.
  5. Twrivia: Twrivia gives a daily pop quiz with a new trivia question every day.
  6. Whose Tweet?: Test how well you know your Twitter friends with this game.

News & Research

  1. Twitscoop: This tool tracks events as well as trends.
  2. Twiggit: Using Twiggit, you can find news and articles related to your curriculum.
  3. QuoteURL: You can quote a number of different tweets at once on one page with this app, great for presentations.
  4. TweetScan: TweetScan will make research on Twitter a breeze, allowing you to set up an alert to be emailed every time there are tweets matching your keywords.
  5. Twups: This Twitter news aggregator makes it easy for you to follow all of your favorite subjects.
  6. Just Signal: Using Just Signal, you can create a filter to only get tweets that discuss keywords you choose.
  7. twAnswers: Ask a question, and get an answer from Twitter by using twAnswers.
  8. TweetGrid: Make your Twitter searches easy with this customized search dashboard.
  9. TwiST: This Twitter search tool will help make your searches more efficient.
  10. Twilert: Get email updates of tweets that contain keywords you define.
  11. twitority: Perform Twitter searches that offer authoritative sources by using twitority.
  12. Twitter Search: Twitter Search will help you find out the latest Twitter trends.


Follow these Twitter accounts for useful educational resources.

  1. @weather: You’ll learn about weather news from the Science News Blog from @weather.
  2. @donorschoose: Follow @donorschoose to learn about funding for public schools.
  3. @TWord_Chains: This account is a word game where you change one word into another.
  4. @eduguru: You can learn about Internet marketing and web development in education from @eduguru.
  5. @pbsteachers: Through @pbsteachers, you’ll get resources and more for teachers.
  6. @BBCeducation: Check out this Twitter stream to learn about education and news in the UK.
  7. @upromise: @upromise will help you get the latest news about savings, tips, and deals from Upromise.
  8. Pulse of Education: The Pulse of Education aggregates tweets from the education community.
  9. @educationweek: @educationweek shares news about American education.
  10. @CollegeBloggers: Be a part of this Twitter network to connect with college students, faculty, and alumni.
  11. @EarthquakeNews: Learn about earthquakes around the world from the USGS Earthquake Center’s account.
  12. @LearnHub: Follow @LearnHub, and you’ll find lots of education-related links.
  13. @digidirections: Check out @digidirections to learn about trends and advice in K-12 technology.


Make use of these tools to better manage your classroom group on Twitter.

  1. Tweetizen: You can start your own group, or find groups with specific interests on Twitter.
  2. HappyTwitday: Celebrate classroom birthdays on Twitter by using HappyTwitday.
  3. twtpoll: Take classroom polls and surveys with the help of this app.
  4. GroupTweet: You can make twittering in your classroom group-easy using this tool.
  5. Tweetworks: Tweetworks offers groups and threaded discussions on Twitter.
  6. tweetparty: Communicate directly with your Twitter group by using tweetparty.
  7. TwitOrg: TwitOrg offers a great way to create, manage, and join organizations.
  8. StrawPoll: Get tiny polls from StrawPoll.
  9. ConnectTweet: ConnectTweet will help you combine the voices of your group.

Organization & Productivity

With these tools, you’ll find that your life on Twitter and beyond will be more organized and productive.

  1. Tweetree: With Tweetree, you’ll be able to view your tweets in a conversational context.
  2. 21Tweets: With this tool, you can create a new habit.
  3. Twit2Do: Use Twitter to manage your to-do list using Twit2Do.
  4. twtvite: This event management Twitter app can help you plan classroom events.
  5. Twtask: Use Twtask to create simple tasks lists on Twitter.
  6. TwitterNotes: Make private notes for yourself on Twitter by using this tool.
  7. Twitterlights: Get one-click tweeting and content saving through Twitterlights.
  8. TrackDailyGoals: TrackDailyGoals will help you keep track of your productivity and goals.
  9. postica: postica will let you post sticky notes on Twitter for reminders and more.


Make Twitter work with other apps by putting these useful integration tools to work.

  1. TwitterBox: Use Twitter from within Second Life with this tool.
  2. LoudTwitter: LoudTwitter will send tweets to your blog, so you can keep parents and other contacts updated even if they don’t read your Twitter.
  3. 30 Boxes: 30 Boxes offers easy integration with Twitter.
  4. TwitterFeed: TwitterFeed will automatically post content from an RSS feed to Twitter, so you can update your timeline with educational blogs as well as your own.
  5. Twttrstrm: Using Twittrstrm, you can ask a question and have others contribute answers to your Squidoo lens.
  6. twiggit: Let your students know about the articles you digg by using twiggit.
  7. SI-Messenger: SI-Messenger is a service that integrates IM, Twitter and more in Second Life.
  8. Twoxit: Twoxit makes it possible for students and other users to update their Twitter profile from your website or blog.

Classroom Tools

These tools seem to be designed specifically with the Twittering classroom in mind.

  1. Twishlistter: Create a wish list for classroom supplies using this tool.
  2. Weatherizer: Weatherizer will update the background of your Twitter homepage to reflect your local weather.
  3. Book Price Check: Check prices of books from your mobile device through Twitter using this tool.
  4. MoochFly: Create a classroom library that you can easily keep track of with MoochFly.
  5. FuelFrog: With FuelFrog, you can use Twitter to keep a log of your fuel and mileage.
  6. Ququoo: Ququoo can turn your Twitter timeline into a timesheet.
  7. Twitrans: Twitrans can translate your tweets to any language using human translators.
  8. Tweeteorology: Tweeteorology will show you tweets about the weather.
  9. Xpenser: You can use Xpenser to track your time and expenses related to education.

facebook- oder twitter-zeitung erstellen : )

Hier ist eine super tolle Idee wie man FB oder twitter im DAF-Unterricht sinnvoll anwenden kann, danke Irini. : )

also entweder eine FB-Zeitung oder eine twitter-Zeitung? oder beides? : )))

auf können nicht nur auf Twitter sondern auch auf Facebook gepostete Nachrichten organisiert werden.

Vorteile (auch privat!): wenn man zB sowieso twittert, bekommt die Links in einer Zeitungsform und die Tweets und Updates von können dann auch in Kategorien eingeteilt werden.

Und wenn die Lernenden sowieso auf FB sind (was meistens der Fall ist), können sie sofort ein kreatives „Tageszeitungsprojekt“ beginnen – dh sie werden selbst Journalisten einer Tageszeitung.

wird bald bestimmt eine tolle Überraschung für meine SchülerInnen, die ständig auf FB sind.Zwinkernd – eine FB-Tageszeitung.

Top Twitter Tools

Habt ihr gewusst, dass es so vieeeeeele Twitter Tools gibt????????

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about „Top Twitter Tools „, posted with vodpod

Top Twitter Tools:


Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re notfollowing back? Find out!


TweepMe is an opt-in group that follows each other on Twitter automatically!


A new follower? Should you follow back? Find out if you have common followings with them, and which people you follow that follow them.


Refollow helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle.


Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you.

und – Social Networking For Schools.

Great related resources:


99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications in Smashing Magazine

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Images, Videos, Music on Twitter

Share your images on Twitter with twitpic

Share your images and video on Twitter with yfrog. : )))

yfrog – Share your images/videos on Twitter!.

Broadcast your music on twitter : ))) – Listen to Free Music.


Add a message and tweet it …….     : D

so twittert man noch schneller : ))))